Clean Agent System

What is a Clean Agent System

These Gaseous fire suppression systems are used so as to aid life safety. Preventing any damage to people and items around it while creating as little collateral damage as possible. They can trigger extremely fast and they work very quickly.

Safe to use in spaces that are occupied on a daily basis, they require no clean up after the system discharges. Designed to provide total flooded protection in smaller enclosed areas and whole rooms that might have sensitive equipment and documents. These are areas where a sprinkler system could do damage.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that a clean agent fire suppression System is an ‘electrically non conductive, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishing agents that do not leave a residue upon evaporation’. It uses low concentration levels either inert gases or a chemical agent to suppress & extinguish fires right at the beginning. They prevent it from growing and causing huge amounts of damage.

They are environmentally friendly, have a low global warming potential (GWP) and have a short to no atmospheric lifetime.

We install the FM200 Fire Suppression System & the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 clean agent system. These are used around the world to provide safe and clean fire suppression. If you are looking for a fire protection solutions that are fast acting and safe for people and occupied spaces, a clean agent system is right for you. See our full selection of products and services.

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