Fire Suppression Services

Our Fire Suppression Services are Listed Below

We offer a range of fire suppression solutions including fire installation, testing, detection and maintenance services for your business so you can have fire safety peace of mind knowing you and your employees are safe.

Fire Suppression System Installation

We can install a wide variety of types of fire suppression systems, fire detection systems and fire prevention systems, all fully compliant with relevant legislation and tailor made to suit the unique needs of your business property.

Integrity Test Fire Suppression

We can provide your business with integrity testing services, so that you can be assured that your fire suppression systems are fully functional and working as intended.

Fire Detection Systems

From systems as simple as smoke alarms to very early warning Aspirating Smoke Detection solutions, we provide a variety of fire detection systems that work for your business no matter the environment.

Fire Suppression Maintenance

Even the best fire systems require regular maintenance in order to continue working effectively. We can provide maintenance for your fire systems whether we installed them or somebody else.

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