Fire Detection System

Fire Detection Systems

Under UK law, most commercial and industrial premises are required to have a fire alarm system installed compliant to BS 5839. The first crucial step in all industrial and commercial fire alarm systems is detection, alerting both individuals on the premises and professionals (fire brigade) to help tackle the fire. Fire detection and alarm systems (including many types of fire alarm systems) can range from simple manually operated devices such as ‘break glass’ units to complex, integrated automatic systems.

Siege Fire Systems offers a wide range of detection systems to accommodate all types of property. Our industrial smoke alarm solutions & smoke detection systems include very early warning Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) solutions such as HSSD/VESSDA that enable you to detect smoke and use flame detectors to prevent fires before they take hold, playing a crucial role in not only protecting building occupants and property but also preventing disruption to your business.

Fire Detection Alarm

Whether your property is better suited to optical or ionization systems, or your needs are better served by heat detection instead of smoke detection, we can advise you on the best fire detection and fire alarm system design for your property with our fire risk assessment. Our highly qualified engineers will take into account your business operations and the unique conditions of your property when considering the best fire protection & fire detection systems for you. Regardless of our recommendations, every install we offer is compliant with BS 5839.

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