Integrity Testing

Fire Suppression System Integrity Testing

Integrity testing ensures that the fire suppression systems you have installed are secure and fit for purpose, both at the time of purchase and annually thereafter as per fire safety regulations. Integrity testing is critical to ensure that your fire safety systems are installed correctly and will work effectively.

Fire Integrity Testing

Integrity testing is an important part of maintaining a gaseous suppression system and involves sealing a room and using a calibrated fan to pressurise and de-pressurise a room in order to measure the sealing effectiveness and rate of leakage, also known as the rate of retention. The rate of retention refers to how long fire suppressant agents take to descend below a certain threshold without having to release the agent itself. A retention time of 10 minutes is the typical minimum period required for suppressant agents to hold, except for CO2 which requires 20 minutes.  It is a requirement of most insurance policies that your suppression system is tested at least annually.

Siege Fire Systems has extensive experience in carrying out integrity testing in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Our qualified engineers can carry out integrity testing quickly and professionally on your property to the required NFPA 2001, BS ISO 14520 and BS EN15004 methodologies and issue you with a compliance report upon completion. In the event that your property does not pass, we use devices such as smoke-puffers to track down the source of air leakages and issue you with a report detailing where the issue is and what must be fixed.

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