Fire Suppression System FAQs

How often should fire suppression systems be inspected?

A trained person who has undergone the instructions necessary to reliably perform maintenance and has the manufacturer service manual shall service the fire extinguishers not more than 1 year apart.

What is a fire suppression system & how does it work?

Simply put, a Fire Suppression System is a set of units built to extinguish fires through applying a substance. Generally they have built-in components detecting fire in its early stages through smoke, heat and other warning signals. This is attached to an automatic fire alarm system. This will then usually start an automatic release of whatever form of substance the system uses as fire extinguishers.

When is a fire suppression system required?

Fire suppression solutions are mostly found in places such a server rooms, computer rooms and other communication areas. Anywhere you often find a lot of electrical equipment. They are safe for humans and safe for electrical equipment compared to sprinkler systems.

How much does a fire suppression system cost?

Systems will be cheaper when added in during the build process, but can be relatively inexpensive to add to existing bulidings. Fire protection systems are often priced by square footage covered, and height of the building. Contact us for complete details and more information.

What are the different types of fire suppression systems?

You can generally break these down in the three basic categories of gaseous clean agent systems. The Inert gas systems, chemical clean agent systems and the carbon dioxide systems. Each of these will have it’s own unique properties that can work specifically with different types of fire and applications.

What is fm 200 fire suppression system?

An FM-200 fire suppression system removes heat from a fire so that further combustion can’t take place. It also prevents a fire from starting up again. FM-200 doesn’t reduce oxygen levels to where people in the area would be in any danger.

What is novec fire suppression system?

Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid puts out a fire before it starts. It quickly removes heat so that the fire doesnt spread. In a normal system, the fluid is kept in cylinders pressurised with nitrogen. Fire detection sensors cause the release of the pressurised extinguishing agent when the fire is at its earliest stage, extinguishing it..

Are fire suppression system safe?

Inert gas systems & chemical clean agent systems are generally safe for humans, and approved for normally occupied rooms when designed properly. Carbon dioxide systems extinguish by displacing oxygen, and in ‘some’ situations that can be hazardous to anyone in the area.

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