Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Fire Suppression Maintenance

Even the best fire safety detection and prevention equipment system requires regular maintenance to ensure its continued effectiveness. Our fully qualified engineers can carry out fire suppression maintenance testing of all fire safety equipment and fire suppression systems on your premises to full British standards, whether we or someone else originally installed it. We can also carry out Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM) and provide training services to your staff and designated fire safety official.

It’s important to carry out regular inspections to tell that your equipment is still functional and will work as expected in the event of a fire. All fire protection equipment degrades over time and eventually becomes unfit for purpose; for example, fire extinguishers will slowly lose pressure, the insides of water-based extinguishers can rust and corrode and rubber seals can degrade over time, even if the extinguisher has never been discharged. The same sort of wear and tear can be expected from any fire alarm, fire detection and prevention system, no matter how big or small, so keeping yours regularly maintained is not only legally necessary but also vitally important for them to maintain their worth over time. Siege Fire Systems regularly conducts fire suppression maintenance checks on fire safety systems of all shapes and sizes and our team of highly qualified engineers can help your business keep your systems working & fully legally compliant.

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