FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM-200 Fire Suppression System

FM 200 fire suppression systems are used around the world to provide safe and clean fire suppression. Keeping people safe in a fire emergency is always the primary consideration when putting in a system. FM-200 is a clean agent fire suppression system, a non-toxic (it is used in medical inhalers) and doesn’t starve the area of oxygen when used.

What is FM200 fire fighting system

An FM200 fire suppression system removes heat from a fire so that further combustion can’t take place (see the fire triangle). It also prevents a fire from starting up again. The FM200 fire suppression agent doesn’t reduce oxygen levels to where people in the area would be in any danger.

FM 200 fire extinguishing system advantages

FM200 is a waterless fire suppression system. One of the primary advantages of the fm-200 system is the small amount of the gas needed to suppress a fire, and unlike Novec 1230 this is not stored as a liquid. Thus, you will not need as many cylinders that will take up space for storage of fire suppression cylinders.

These fire protection systems will reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping fires before they can cause much damage. FM200 will extinguish the fire quickly, causing less damage, and keeping repair costs low. This clean agent fire extinguishing works while leaving no residue. Like many other systems for fire suppression, FM200 systems are put together with the safety of people in mind.

FM200 has been proven safe to use within occupied spaces. It has been used globally for well over a decade and extensive scientific studies have shown it to be safe for occupied spaces & in areas where people work.

There are also environmental benefits in the use of FM200. Earlier gaseous fire suppression systems contained gasses that caused ozone depletion, FM200 does not have that effect. FM200 fire suppression is a solution that is already working in more than 100,000 locations, in more than 70 countries.

FM 200 agent

FM-200 clean agent fire extinguishing systems are used in places where the use of water-based systems would damage equipment or goods, or be unsafe, such as::

  • Power generation stations
  • Turbine enclosures
  • Offshore oil/gas exploration & production facilities
  • Communications centres
  • Data centres and computer suites
  • Document storage space facilities, museums, and other archives


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