FM 200 agent

A waterless fire protection system that is also known as HFC227ea. Incredibly quick, the gas is put into the risk area within 10 seconds and kills the fire immediately. It is a substance that is found inside medical inhalers and therefore very safe for using in spaces that are occupied with building staff and visitors.

Advantages of FM200

As the gas is dispersed into the risk area within seconds it is therefore is extremely effective at suppressing any fire risk almost instantaneously. Being a highly concentrated gas, the very small amount that is needed to extinguish a fire means an advantage of the system is not only the speed of usage, but also physical storage area of cylinders is so much less that this can also be seen as a major advantage.

Due to the speed of the fire extinguishing, there should be less damage to systems and therefore lower repair costs. FM200 is known as a clean agent, specifically designed to be safe to use within spaces of occupation.

Refilling FM200 is simple and cost effective, therefore, it also means less downtime and disruption to your business.

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