Preventing a fire starting or becoming out of control should be a top priority when considering why a suppression system will work for you. They are of course absolutely crucial when preventing as much costly damage to your property or building as possible.

Obviously and most importantly, a fire suppression system can and will prevent major injuries or even death of employees or residents of the property. It should always give humans that all important warning time for them to get out of the building after a fire has been detected.

Fire suppression solutions are generally found in places such as server rooms, computer rooms, communication areas and anywhere you find lots of electricals (see also specific kinds of warehouses).

Types of Fire Suppression System

There are 2 types of fire suppression systems and the main difference is what they are used for and how they put out a fire. A sprinkler system uses water to control and put out a fire and a gas suppression system uses a number of different agents. Make sure you consider the additional damage caused by a water system before deciding on using it.

All fire suppression systems are governed by codes set down by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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