To help protect all of your operations and valued goods and assets, customers choose Novec 1230 Fluid sustainable fire suppression systems. This is a “clean agent” meaning that it’s designed specifically to replace high global warning potential (GWP) hydroflurocarbons (HCFs). By quickly removing heat, 3M Novec 1230 fluid extinguishes a fire before it starts.

Advantages of Novec 1230 Fluid

Novec 1230 the clean agent is included in the NFPA 2001 standard. It leaves no residue and is also non-conductive, so it will put out the fire while preserving all assets and your operations. It has proven to be popular for those who want quality and reliability for those who want a clean agent solution. By absorbing heat, Novec 1230 fluid stops the combustion process happening. Unlike CO2 and intert gases, it does not put out the fire by displacing oxygen in an enclosed space.

You will mainly see the system installed where there are high value assets such as large data centres and computer rooms, control rooms, museums and archives, specifically where any use of water to control fires would damage the assets that are looking to be protected.

Another major advantage is related to the volume used for the extinguishing process. Inert gas systems deliver more agent into the area to displace as much as 40% of the air in the space, this compares to approx. 5% with a 3M Novec 1230 fluid system. Therefore, many more cylinders of inert gas are required to protect your space, so Novec 1230 saves you a lot of storage. In addition to this, these cylinders store gas at much higher pressure compared to Novec 1230.

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